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Sexual reproduction occurs when living organisms combine genetic information from two different types. The male gender produces a mobile gamete which travels to fuse with a stationary gamete that is produced by the female gender. Gametes are germ cells that are able to unit with germ cells from the opposite gender. The primary advantage of sexual reproduction is that it encourages the survival of a species. Whether discussing people, plants, or animals, mates are attracted to one another based on a hormonal perception of superiority.
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20 Advantages and Disadvantages of Sexual Reproduction

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7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Asexual Reproduction | Samsung Galaxy Blog

The primary disadvantage to asexual reproduction is the lack of genetic diversity among the resulting offspring. In contrast to sexual reproduction, which involves the recombination of two different sets of genes, an asexual organism possesses the same genes as its parent did. This can lead to problems if the parent has a genetic defect; without another parent to replace the gene, the offspring possesses the defect as well. Asexual reproduction is more common among simple organisms such as bacteria than it is among complex ones such as mammals and birds.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sexual Reproduction

There are two methods of reproductions that are used by animals and plants to ensure that their species can survive. The genetics of the parents are then combined so that an offspring is formed. In asexual reproduction, only one parent is required to produce an offspring. The primary advantage of asexual reproduction is the fact that offspring can be successfully created without the need for a partnership.
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Sexual reproduction is the method by which living organisms produce offspring by combining the genetic information from two individuals of different sexes to create a new living entity. This process in most higher organisms involves the male producing a gamete that travels to fuse itself with a larger stationary gamete produced by a female. In humans, this process occurs when a sperm fertilizes an egg. It may occur through artificial means, but it naturally happens after an intimate encounter with a male and female. If fertilization occurs with this coupling, then a single-celled zygote forms with the genetic material from both gametes.
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